Construction & Contractors

Construction is a hazardous industry. If this your business, you will need to protect yourself and the public, if something goes wrong.

Accidents do happen and any form of building work inevitably involves risk, no matter how strict your safety and security procedures. So having rock solid cover for the difficult times is an essential.

Whether you are a main contractor or sub-contractor, you will be looking for a policy that is absolutely tailored to your needs.

Many construction projects are immersed in complicated contractual arrangements, and finding the right insurance can be time consuming and complex. Here at Northcott Beaton we have the expertise to guide you through all the pitfalls, provide you with a comprehensive and bespoke service.

Your package should include Public Liability insurance. If someone makes a claim against you, the impact on you and your business could be hugely damaging. Not having it, will probably preclude you from being considered for local authority work.

if you have employees, you will need employers’ liability insurance. You may need to be indemnified against errors if your business provides professional services such as architects or building consultants.

You will need to think about protecting your equipment. Even small construction companies will own a huge amount of tools and equipment that would be very expensive to replace if stolen or damaged. If you transport your tools, we would suggest talking to us about commercial van insurance.

We can advise you on commercial property insurance to protect your business premises.

Construction projects can be affected by many external factors, so you may want to think about Business interruption insurance if you were unable to operate for a period for some unexpected reason.

Whatever your needs, Northcott Beaton can advise on the right cover at the most competitive rates.

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