Of all items commonly stored in Brits’ garages, garden furniture, exercise bikes & kids play equipment have seen the biggest surge in popularity, according to latest research from physical security specialists Roché.

● Whilst burglaries are down 20% since before the COVID-19 pandemic, homeowners have been warned of a potential spike in thefts as lockdown restrictions ease over summer

● Half of Britain’s motorists now use their garage to store household clutter with the average holding £1,650 of gear – £7.6billion across the nation

Top 5 Items Stored in UK Garages (excluding cars!):

1. DIY tools – 76%

2. Decorating gear, paint pots & ladders – 67% 3. Gardening equipment – 64%

4. Gym & sports equipment – 49% 5. Bikes and scooters – 47%

Biggest Surge in Post-COVID Popularity:

1. Garden furniture +228%

2. Exercise bikes +219%

3. Kids play equipment +157% 4. Golf clubs +150%

5. BBQs +134%

Average Price of Common Garage Items:

1. Golf clubs – £300

2. DIY tools – £200 3. Bikes – £200

4. Camping equipment – £100 5. Garden furniture – £100

“While low crime rates dropped considerably during 2020/2021’s lockdowns, specialists are predicting this to rise again as we all spend more time outside the home. This means there’s never been a better time for homeowners to review the security measures they have in place.

In the garage simple tweaks adding a CCTV camera, checking any window locks and  ensuring doors are in good condition could help ensure you hold on to those expensive golf clubs, tool kits and bikes.” Jamie Pugh  Marketing Manager, Roché Security

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