We at Northcott Beaton are always looking out for things that could potentially be of great use to you and your clients and this one is which we think shouldn’t be missed for your development clients

The Policy covers Abortive Planning Costs which are the abortive costs incurred in the event that a Planning Application for the Insured Project is refused.

The definition of the Insured Project will be a point to discuss with the client, to ascertain its scope according to project viability and the clients demands and needs.

The Limit of Indemnity will represent the Insured’s expected abortive costs exposure in the event of a refused planning application.  Cover is available up to £1.5M.

The typical costs covered are as follows, although specific costs that will be rendered abortive can also be considered.

  • Preliminary Site Investigations
  • Planning Fees
  • Project management costs associated with the proposal including Planning Consultants, Architects, Highways Consultants, Ecological Consultants, Surveyors, Flood Risk Engineers, Landscape Architects, Acoustic Consultants, Land Contamination Consultants, Accountants fees
  • Legal Fees
  • LPA pre-application fees
  • Costs associated with market research

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