Today’s litigious society, not only means that we are all walking on the proverbial ‘egg-shells’ but also can hinder both our business and career progressions.

This is partly due to claims and wrongdoings’ arising and the claimant (or solicitor on behalf of) realising that the personal liability of a Director and/or Officer (Senior Manager/Decision making position/trustee) of a company is unlimited whereas a company’s liability is limited by its shares or by guarantee.

As a Director or Officer of a business, company or organisation (including charities) you need to be in complete control at all times and be working towards, and in, the best interests of your organisation, employees, shareholders etc. This is a hard enough job in itself, let alone maintaining your client and supplier relationships, prospecting, networking whilst creating a solid foundation and a healthy working environment for those you have entrusted with helping you realise your aspirations.

Directors are increasingly being held personally responsible for the management decisions made during every working day.  Claims brought against individuals can threaten both the personal wealth of individual directors & officers and the financial viability of the company in question.

This inexpensive insurance runs alongside the rest of your commercial insurances and can, and will protect you from any claim arising from a decision made by you or another Director therefore ensuring your personal wealth remains intact.

The answer to the above question is –

If you are a Director or an Officer of any organisation – the choice is yours but I would have it as it protects me and my family!