By Amy Denning

I have been fortunate enough to hear various speakers in my time at Northcott Beaton, however I wanted to share my experience of hearing Lady Karren Brady speak at the Compass Conference at Whittlebury Hall in Northampton on 2nd March, which I found truly inspirational – very cliché I know!

I was so impressed by her inspirational and motivating speech it spurred me into writing my first blog, and how apt on International Women’s Day!

Karren was only 23 when she took over as Manager at Birmingham City Football Club – not only was she very young, but she was a young woman in a very male dominated environment.

She gave examples of the hardships she faced but I found her reactions to the sexist comments made by men comical, with her witty comebacks and passion to prove them wrong. Her chairman even remarked that she would have to be twice as good as the men, to be thought of as even half as good – she replied ‘luckily, that shouldn’t be difficult’.

Her beliefs to be the best and succeed in life are set out in 6 different qualities –


Her beliefs and the way she has dedicated herself to them has obviously worked, she turned Birmingham City Football Club from being worth absolutely nothing to being valued and sold at £82million 10 years later, proving any doubters wrong.

I guess the fact she is a strong-minded woman, determined in business from a very young age and also a mum really brought home to me that if you do follow Karren’s 6 qualities you can thrive in business and anything else.

It has inspired me to be the best I can be within my own Insurance career and I am proud to be a woman in business.