Keiron NorthcottOur ‘In 10’ feature is designed to give you an insight into the personalities that feature in Northcott Beaton, our team and our valued clients.

First up, we chatted to Keiron about his life in insurance and how he has related his rugby ethos back to his business

1. Keiron, many people who know you think that your job is as Deputy Chiefs Executive at The Exeter Chiefs. Can you just clear this up for us please, what are your roles both here at NB & PSSW and at the Chiefs?

Unless they are a client of mine I would say most!! My real job that pays the bills are as Commercial Director for both Northcott Beaton and PSSW

2. How did you get into rugby?

When I left school at 16 I joined Exeter Rugby Club as a young Colt and worked my way up through the teams to the first team and then back down again to retirement

3. Why rugby?

I first played Rugby when I went to Heles school and just loved it, I was picked as a prop and those who know me will know why

4. What values do you associate with your rugby career and how do you feel they have contributed to your own business’ success?

The main thing that rugby teaches you is the importance of working as a team and how that what any member of that team does affects the whole team. Rugby also instills in you discipline, and the competitive winning mentality and ambition that you need to run your business

5. Rugby World Cup is upon us and you have been part of the team that has brought the competition to your very own club at Sandy Park. How important is the World Cup to Exeter as a city?

Very important, whilst bringing Premiership Rugby to Exeter has been instrumental in putting Exeter on the map in UK and Europe, the Rugby World Cup has put Exeter on the global map with literally billions watching games on TV all around the World. It’s very difficult to quantify how much additional revenue has been brought to the City economy but feedback is that it runs into millions each year

6. How do you think this will affect the Chiefs and their ability to draw more quality players?

I think it will have a very positive impact, we already know that the facilities at Sandy Park and the benefits of living in Devon are beginning to draw International players, and now with the profile of Rugby World Cup and the fact that a number of Chiefs players are involved, some even playing for their Countries at Sandy Park, will enhance our reputation even more

7. Which games are you hosting at Sandy Park?

Tonga against Namibia on 29th September

Namibia against Georgia on 7th October

Italy against Romania on 11th October

8. Moving on to England . . . how do you think England are looking now that the pre-tournament friendlies are over?

I think the pre tournament games have been a little bit of a mixed bag but I think that has been the case for all the teams, but I think England are certainly in with a as good a chance of winning it. I don’t think that any team can take wins for granted and I think there are a lot of teams who can beat each other on any particular day which will make for an exciting tournament

9. And what about the other home nations (allegiances aside)?

I really fancy Ireland out of the other home nations, but obviously Wales are not going to be a push over in the group stages, but you have to fancy Australia and England to progress and unfortunately Wales to lose out

10. Who is going to win it and who will they beat at Twickenham?

Got to be England to beat New Zealand