MoveHero is a bundle of products that would ordinarily be ordered by your Solicitor (or licensed conveyancer) to enable them to successfully complete your property transaction. Historically, your solicitor would have waited until you have received your mortgage offer from your lender before ordering these searches meaning that they are ordered at a point where they can be as certain as possible that the transaction is going to proceed.

The main issue with this is that searches have various levels of lead in time at the relevant local authorities across the UK – some operate a turnaround time of a matter of days, but it has been known for these turnaround times to escalate and be up to 16 weeks. If the solicitor waits until later in the process (or a lot further down the line) you are simply adding this turnaround time on to the end of your transaction.

We believe that you should have access to this important information as early in the transaction as possible. Not only are you then aware of the full details about the property, it also helps prevent delays further down the line . . . or worse, you could become aware of something, that you were previously unaware of, that means you do not wish to proceed with the purchase.

The package of searches includes a Local Authority Search, Drainage & Water Search, Environmental Report, Connectivity Report, Chancel Insurance, Search Delay Insurance and Abortive Transaction Insurance which means that if the sale falls through your costs can be covered.

We Used it . . .

We have recently purchased a property in London, and coming from Devon originally sought the advice of an already trusted company to help us through the process. Move Hero were fantastic – they provided us with a clear understanding of the house buying process, step by step. This really helped us understand what we could arrange ourselves, and what we needed support from solicitors for – which really helped cut down the costs of purchasing our home, without feeling in the dark and confused.

Every step of the way we had very helpful, clear and friendly advice. We used Move Hero to complete our property searches, which were more cost effective and quicker than the quote and time frames provided by our solicitors.” Mr W (Harrow)

Buying a home can be very stressful, and we found we did go through some tense communications with our seller. Thankfully these all worked out, but it was such a peace of mind that we also had the platinum insurance with Move Hero. Knowing that even if we did experience the disappointment of the sale falling through we would not suffer financially was truly reassuring.

We can’t recommend them enough, Move Hero really took a lot of the stress out of the overall process for us.” Miss P (London)

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