As the days begin to get colder and shorter, it may be a good time to start thinking about what you might need to do to protect your home this winter

  1. Clear the gutters and drains

Debris such as leaves and mud can block the drains and once it becomes too much, it can cause leaks into the roof and walls. Making sure the gutters are clear from any possible build-up will minimise the risk of water damage.

  1. Get your boiler checked

It is always a good idea to have your boiler serviced before the cold weather starts. You may also want to think about taking out boiler cover, this will ensure that any problems with your boiler or central heating will be sorted as quickly as possible.

  1. Sweep the chimney

If you have a chimney, it’s important to maintain it. Chimney fires can occur fairly frequently during the winter months, so think about employing a professional to clean and take care of your chimney.

  1. Get insulation

Around a quarter of heat in your house is lost through the roof, so insulating the loft is a good place to begin. Cavity wall insulation is also worth considering.

  1. Protect your pipes

The best way to keep on top of pipes during the winter is to protect them with a foam layer (called lagging) which will help to prevent them freezing and bursting.

  1. Make sure you’re on the best energy deal

It always pays to check whether you’re on the cheapest energy tariff – you could save more than you think.

  1. Get covered

Making sure you’re covered for any winter-related damage is really important. Check that your home insurance policy offers adequate protection and that you’d be covered in the event of fire, flood, subsidence and theft. You may also need to look into accidental damage or storm damage as most home cover policies won’t include this as standard, so you may need to add it on.

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