As an insurance broker we appreciate that Coronavirus (Covid-19) has been a terrible time for everyone. I am guessing with the lockdown, social distancing, and various other restrictions on groups that this has proven a particularly difficult time for you and your franchises. As a result of this insurance policies may have been suspended, cancelled or maybe not renewed at this present time whilst training capabilities have been restricted

I would like to bring to your attention that we have a ready-made franchise insurance policy which has been designed specifically with children’s franchise operations in mind.

This policy has been particularly flexible and the insurers extremely considerate taking into account these troubled times, our clients Water Babies would be testament to this. Over a period of time working closely and in partnership  with Water Babies we have developed an Insurance policy and additional services that meets the needs of a forward-thinking franchise.

The policy provides Public and Employers Liability and other covers you would expect but it also has the option to include a level of professional indemnity cover, directors and officers insurance cover, personal accident and cyber insurance cover. As a client you would also benefit by having access to our App and a forum for frequently asked questions and newsworthy topics

For more information or for a chat about your business requirements please contact Nick or Amy on 01392 466046