Greater protection and peace of mind for your firm and for your client

It goes without saying everyone involved in the sale or purchase of a property wants things to go smoothly but with the best of intentions sometimes things do go wrong. The current economic climate and global pandemic has created further challenges.  Job uncertainty, serious illness as a result of COVID as well as the usual difficulties  

When a transaction falls through it can be devastating for clients and very often results in the loss of any costs already incurred in association with valuations, searches, and disbursements.  It can also lead to difficult discussions with clients about your own legal fees which also need paying.

Our Homebuyer Protection Insurance has been specifically designed to safeguard your clients against such loss. It covers your client’s residential conveyancing fees (excluding auctions) up to £1,500 if the property they are buying falls through, plus a Sellers Policy is also available up to £1,500.  

What is insured? 

✓ Mortgage lender arrangement fees ✓ Mortgage lender valuation fees ✓ Survey fees ✓ Disbursements ✓ Conveyancing fees 

The Cover – The Failure to purchase the property following:-

  • Seller’s withdrawal from the sale due to;
  • the vendor withdrawing the property from sale following receipt and acceptance of an alternative offer from another buyer.
  • Buyer withdrawal from the purchase due to;
  • an adverse legal search
  • survey revealing structural defects costing more than 10% of the amount offered for the property
  • mortgage lender’s valuation of the property being less than 90% of the sum you have offered.


  • Buyer of Seller withdrawal from the transaction due to;
  • aborted relocation
  • unexpected redundancy
  • death or illness


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