We’re beginning to see a clearer picture of how the economic stimulus is impacting our clients. Property investors are taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday and expanding portfolios while terms are attractive. Remortgaging activity has spiked and we’ve also noticed a rise in auction transactions and cash purchases. For those investing in buy-to-let, clients are eager to transact quickly in order to start receiving a rental yield.

Economy-boosting initiatives coupled with pent up demand has also resulted in a surge in conveyancing transactions. Due to ongoing precautions associated with COVID-19, however, many cases are being negatively impacted by delays due to furloughed or reduced services in some firms and local authorities.

How we can help
It is with great delight that we announce the expansion of our Express No-Search Indemnity range to assist the conveyancing industry as it copes with a rejuvenated housing market. In partnership with leading Search Provider One Search Direct, our Express insurance policies now allow conveyancers to transact quickly in the following sectors:

  • Auction
  • Remortgage
  • New Build
  • Existing Residential
  • Commercial

If searches are causing unacceptable delays and the transaction is at risk of collapse…
Express gives you the best of both worlds. You have all the security of a No-Search Insurance policy, with the majority of data (over 70%) that you would typically obtain from local authorities. Express means that you and your client can complete quickly, and with more confidence.

Indemnified by cover of up to £1 million (£2 million for Commercial), along with our £10 million Professional Indemnity policy, OneSearch Express includes cover for:

  • A Search of the Local Land Charges Register form LLC1 
  • A Search of CON29R and/or CON29O records 
  • A Search of Water and Drainage records on CON29DW
  • A search of the Coal Authority’s records on form CON29M
  • An environmental risk assessment (excludes Commercial Express)
  • A full Chancel Repair Liability search

Express offers an additional data report pertinent to a client’s property, typically returned in just 24 hours. With over 80 data points, the report includes:

  • Road, Rail and Traffic Schemes
  • Planning applications and Local Development Plan policies
  • CIL question 3.10a
  • Building Works, Environment, Health & Safety, Housing, Highways and Public Health
  • Enforcement Notices, Stop Notices, TPOs, Listed Building Repairs etc.
  • Conservation Areas (proposed or pre 1974)
  • Compulsory Purchase


Express addresses a crucial gap in the market where conveyancers are compelled to use No-Search Insurance due to time-pressure, yet still have a duty of care to their clients (and lenders) by providing information to the best of their ability. The Express range can be purchased as a standalone no-search insurance policy or including a supplementary data report.

Who benefits most from Express?
In each property sector covered by Express, the commonality is tight timescales. Auctions, for instance, generally require completion within 30 days of the bid being accepted. Similarly with new builds and shared ownership, exchange is typically required within 28 days of the purchase being agreed. Indeed, New Build Express has proven very popular in the last year.

Express is well suited for remortgages, when property details are unlikely to have changed since the initial local search was conducted and lenders are most concerned with any new proposals in the pipeline that might affect the future value of a property. For cash purchases, searches aren’t typically required, but are really important in order to identify red flags, which would certainly otherwise go unnoticed until it’s too late.

Express means that you and your client can complete with more confidence, make intelligent investments, and tie matters up quickly to get on with your next case.

We also have all of the following policies available without search data, just straight insurance policies.

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