As you can see the Northcott Beaton team are enjoying working hard from home!
For our team, business operations remain unaffected and now more than ever, we are committed to providing all of our clients the support they need. We wanted to give you all an update on how we are working as well as some useful updates from your insurers.

We are able to work from home relatively easily, partly due to the technology provided by SW Communications. Nick has been visiting the office regularly to check post and get everything ready for when we do start to re-emerge. As we know things will not be as they were, at least for a time. Let’s hope those very clever people in Oxford come up with a swift positive result with a vaccine!

Northcott Beaton have always been tech savvy and technology has proven to be an invaluable tool during this pandemic. Although we are missing face-to-face client contact, we can offer video conferencing to ensure effective communications are maintained and our service to you is not impacted or alternatively we are always happy to speak on the phone.

A lot of our clients have managed to continue to trade through this crisis, some with innovation and change of practices, and some are just returning now.

We have tried to keep you updated with your particular Insurer along the way, but now is the time to remind you of various things…

  1. If you have laid up vehicles and restricted cover and intend using them again, let us and DVLA know asap
  2. If your properties remain unoccupied, in some cases unoccupancy clauses may start to become relevant. Please ensure you are aware of these and can comply or if you are not sure just contact us
  3. Have you changed your normal work practices or developed other ways of doing business? ie home deliveries, let us know as this would may be a material fact and Insurers will want to know
  4. Do you still have employees working from home with your office equipment?
  5. If you are having difficulties in continuing with instalment payments, please contact us as some Insurers are offering various options, please do not cancel or default on payments as this would make it more difficult to deal with and could leave you without cover

If you are getting back to work, please ensure that you are complying with Government guidance which may be different from trade to trade. Ensure Risk Assessments have been carried out and all changes in procedures are communicated to all staff.

If you have any doubts or need additional advice including HR advice, our preferred partner is Peninsula who will be very happy to give you advice and help and discuss how they can continue to help in the future. Please contact Andrew Northcott (no relative!) tel 0844 8924314 mob 07896 036994 or e mail [email protected]

We will continue to be on hand if you need us but for now, we hope you; your family and friends stay safe and well.