On Friday 28th Feb Directors Keiron Northcott & Nick Beaton attended a Connecting The Tribe Networking Breakfast at the Air Marketing offices.

Northcott Beaton are proud partners of Tribe.

Tribe is a not for profit initiative driven by Air Marketing Group in partnership with Exeter Live Better, Exeter City Council & Exeter Chamber of Commerce.

Exeter is a dynamic and ever-growing city, full of innovation and industry leading businesses. The aim of Tribe Exe is to further the growth of our City by showcasing locally based companies and the benefit of keeping business within the surrounding area. The hope is that this in turn will positively impact the City’s B2B economy, create new jobs for local talent and build a thriving community of like-minded businesses.

Tribe Exe want to reduce the tendency for businesses to use suppliers outside of the local area by providing easy access to cost effective local alternatives.

Here is a great quote from Tribe: “There are about 5,000 businesses in Greater Exeter. If every one of those businesses switched one of their supply lines to another supplier in Greater Exeter where they currently use a business elsewhere, that’s 5,000 new contracts that businesses in Greater Exeter would gain. If the average spend was £5,000 per contract, that’s an incredible £25 million or 500 additional jobs a year that we can keep in our economy.”

Here at Northcott Beaton we believe in keeping business local and supporting local businesses as much as possible.

We recently recorded a podcast with Astley Media, and chatted all things rugby and why Exeter is such a powerful hub for business and community. Listen here spoti.fi/2pjouKW

For more info on how to get involved visit the website www.project-tribe.co.uk