I have been walking to work now for over 15 years and I truly think it’s an underestimated, simple activity which not only help keeps those calories in check, your heart rate pumping but also benefits your overall wellbeing.

10 benefits of walking to work;

  • Better physical fitness – walking increases your fitness levels, it’s a cardio activity that shifts the weight- easy peasy!
  • Fewer health issues – it can help reduce obesity related conditions and reduce your BMI.
  • More time for yourself – as a full time working Mum I find walking to work gives me 15 minutes of me time, where I can put my headphones in and listen to some music.
  • Wellbeing – it’s a scientific fact that walking releases those happy chemicals within the brian, which in turn, gives you a positive start to your day.
  • Lower Stress Levels – in the morning I have a million and one things to fit in before I leave the house but once I have left it gives me space to lower my stress levels, before I have to meet the pressures of working in a busy office.
  • Organise your mind – It’s amazing how a swift 15 minute walk can help you think about your tasks for the day and help you prepare a mental checklist of daily tasks.
  • Saves money – walking, believe it or not, is free! You can save money on fuel and public transport as well as a gym membership.
  • Appreciating the little things – when I reach the top of a steep hill on my way to work, I am rewarded by a lovely view of my local church, standing high over the houses. It makes me appreciate my local landmarks and what’s around me.
  • Contributes to your 10,000 steps a day – health experts recommend that 10,000 steps a day will keep you fit and healthy.
  • Meeting people – On my way to work, I must say ‘Good Morning’ to at least 3 different people. It’s a positive start to the day one that would be missed if I was driving to work.

Just think, if we all ditched the car every once in a while and walked when possible, not only would it benefit in our health & wellbeing but in our pockets and the environment too!

Nick and Keiron will be embarking on their annual NB Challenge later this year, walking over 60 miles to raise valuable funds for the Exeter Foundation. Follow their journey here @nb_challenge on twitter.