by Andy Payne

Pet Insurance was a no brainer for me, as the owner of a mad beagle, there may be the odd occasion (quite a few occasions) where I wished that Echo would simply just disappear. This doesn’t mean, however, that I would actively wish him any harm.

He is a crazy mutt that, in his 7 ½ years on this earth, has eaten mobile phones, table legs, chair covers and even a conservatory. He has escaped on more than a few times (one of which was on Christmas day – but that’s another story) and none of these things have deterred him from being the naughty pup he is.

More often than not, he can be found lazing about but don’t been fooled by this innocent, sweet façade – the moment your back is turned, he transforms into a stealth custard cream thief!!!

That being said, my wife, children and I love him to bits and he is part of our little tribe. If anything were to happen to him, we would all be devastated and (like all of our most prized possessions) we have insured against the unfortunate possibility that he may need some medical treatment (it’s probably the conservatory repeating).

Can you really imagine life without your 4 legged friend – I know we can’t.